Cahill Dental Care case study
5 September 2019

Cahill Dental Care Centre is an award-winning Dental Practice offering life transformational dentistry.

We recently asked Cahill’s what they think about working with Stafford & Co and this is what they said:

“Stafford & Co has…

  • Helped Cahills to realise that we are a business as well as a dental practice
  • Shown us how to make the time to efficiently work ON our business not just IN our
  • business
  • Helped us to develop a Cahills OnePage Plan which we use to track the real numbers
  • driving our business; this helps us to identify & resolve issues before problems
  • escalate
  • Given us access to a team who we can ask for help & advice on any financial matter
  • Developed tax planning strategies; to reduce our tax liabilities
  • Produced clear, concise, timely accounts”

“Whenever we have needed to make Financial decisions concerning the growth and development of our business Stafford & Co. has always provided relevant and practical guidance helping us to increase and more importantly retain our profits.”

Services provided by Stafford & Co:

  • Incorporated partnership
  • OnePage plan, monthly review of key figures driving business growth
  • Monthly payroll, including management of upgrade to fully compliant real-time information payroll submission
  • Quarterly BoardView service
  • Annual Accounts
  • Financial Director level support & advice


  • Saved +£10k pa in tax by introducing tax strategies
  • Increased profitability
  • Supported revenue & profitability growth through implementation of a Cahills
  • OnePage Plan
  • Monthly review of key performance indicators which drive the financial numbers

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